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Polish comfortable mattress - professional sleeping mattresses

Choosing a comfortable mattress is not such an easy task as it might seem at first glance. We spend an average of 8 hours in bed each day and we would like to wake up refreshed. Meanwhile, reality is different. A poorly selected mattress makes us sleep restlessly, we wake up with neck, neck and back pains - how to prevent this? Of course, choosing a good mattress. But where to start the purchasing process? After all, there are so many models on the market.

A comfortable mattress is essential

Until recently, our bedrooms were dominated by pocket spring mattresses and latex mattresses, today in their place we prefer professional sleeping mattresses that combine the functions of classic mattresses and medical mattresses. Multilayer construction, foam that adapts to the shape of the body, cover made of a mixture of linen and viscose - that's still not all! Thanks to the latest production technology, we can now choose between wrap mattresses and sleeping mattresses with a cooling function. This is a real revolution on the Polish mattress market! It turns out that a modern comfortable mattress can provide the user with much more than just sleep comfort - of course, rest is a priority here, but the manufacturer's research shows that thanks to additional sensations (cooling function, wrap function), we are able to sleep more effectively and healthily, and with wake up in a better mood! 

Sleeping mattresses - dimensions

Mattresses on the Polish market are available in several standard sizes. It is worth remembering about the appropriate matching of the mattress with the bed frame to avoid possible disappointments. On the market you will find single mattresses, double mattresses and children's mattresses. We find them in the following sizes:

Single mattresses:

mattress 90x200

mattress 80x180

mattress 80x200

mattress 100x200

Children's mattresses:

mattress 80x160

mattress 160x80

mattress 140x70

mattress 120x60

Double mattresses: 

mattress 160x200

mattress 140x200

mattress 120x200

mattress 180x200

mattress 200x220

mattress 200x200

mattress 180x80

Professional sleeping mattresses - what is the difference between cooling and wrapping

Professional sleeping mattress - which is exactly what? A good mattress should meet several criteria - first of all, it should provide adequate support for the spine along its entire length. Until recently, the user had to decide on its hardness when buying a mattress. There has been a common myth in many circles that the harder the mattress, the better. Meanwhile, it turns out that a professional sleeping mattress should not be too hard or too soft. Modern comfortable layered mattresses have a foam inside, which plastically adapts to the shape, weight and pressure of the body. This is a fantastic solution that will work for every user for years! Even if we lose weight significantly or gain weight, a mattress with a foam insert will still fulfill its function perfectly. This type of mattress is a great choice for a matrimonial bedroom - the product adjusts to the pressure of the body individually in each zone. This means that each user will sleep equally well - no matter how different our bodies are, we can enjoy comfort and good sleep thanks to modern technology. Additional functions are an innovation among mattresses - we can choose between a wrapping mattress and a mattress with a cooling function - how do they differ?

The wrapping mattress is made of thermoelastic foam, which not only perfectly adapts to the pressure of the body, but also reacts to the heat generated by our body. It is a type of non-standard mattress that provides the user with something more than just the comfort of rest. The wrap-around mattress allows you to unwind and relax, it gives you a pleasant hug feeling and a "safe hug" that soothes us to sleep.

The cooling mattress is an ideal option for those who like the pleasant coolness of the bedroom. This mattress has special layers that regulate the flow of air close to the skin and inside the mattress. It can be said that the mattress efficiently transfers the heat produced by the body to the outside, thus giving a feeling of gentle coolness. We will appreciate this type of mattress not only on hot days!