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Mattress frames 

Mattress frames play a very important role in the bedroom. They are responsible, on the one hand, for our comfort, and on the other hand, for the life of the mattress. What racks will we find on the market and why should you think about buying them?

Mattress frames - spring slats

Slatted frames under the mattress are made of wooden slats with different spacing, distribution and density. The rungs fastened into the frame form a frame, which we put on the bed frame and then we put the mattress on it. The role of the frame is to provide the user with the highest comfort (we can choose between static and adjustable frames) while taking care of the hygiene of the mattress. Is it possible to use the mattress without a frame? We do not recommend such a solution for a simple reason - even the best mattress used without an appropriate frame (even the simplest one) will not be as comfortable as a mattress used with a frame placed underneath. The use of a mattress without a frame also leads to the rapid wear of the mattress, which exposes us to the costs associated with the need to replace the mattress faster with a new one. 

Mattress frames – advantages

Mattress frames are becoming a product that is more and more appreciated by customers. Our awareness of good and healthy sleep is growing. We are more and more willing to invest in proven solutions that are to positively affect our health and comfort of rest. The mattress frame is a profitable investment for several simple reasons:

  • Thanks to the frame, the mattress breathes - the frame provides the mattress with adequate air circulation, limiting the appearance of mites, bacteria and fungi.
  • Hygiene - the frame allows the mattress to drain water from the body without any problems, keeping it fresh every night of the year.
  • Cushioning - the frame absorbs the pressure of the body on the mattress surface and ensures comfort for the user. 

Spring slats - types

There are various types of mattress supports on the market. The basic division includes sizes - we can choose between single mattress frames and double mattress frames. The most popular are: 

  • Mattress frames 120x200
  • Mattress frames 180x200
  • Mattress frames 200x200
  • Mattress frames 80x200

Mattress frame – adjustable mattress or not?

When considering the purchase of a mattress frame, it is worth considering one more issue - the possibility of adjustment. The simplest models of mattress frames are roller frames without a frame. The slats are connected here with a textile tape. Another option are mattress frames without height adjustment with slats embedded in flexible handles - if necessary, individual slats can be easily replaced with new ones (e.g. in case of cracks, broken slats). Another proposal are frames without height adjustment with the possibility of adjusting the hardness of the frame in its middle part. And finally, a real gem - adjustable frames. This category includes frames with the possibility of adjusting the headrest itself and mattress frames with full adjustment along the entire length.