History, present and future

Lenly is our new line of unique mattresses, which we design with individual customers and online sales in mind. The brand, however, is immersed in the tradition of the Optimum Company, whose history dates back to 1992

Our company is:

Polish traditions - we are a family company with its own capital.

A modern factory - equipped with a specialized production line. 

Human capital - our team consists of nearly 70 specialists, whose development we care for every day.

Experience - nearly 30 years of experience, design trials, tests and analyzes allows us to create one of the best mattresses on the market.

Caring for the environment - we use safe, ecological raw materials for the production of mattresses. 

Do you know? 

Before being introduced to the market, each new mattress model undergoes a series of quality tests, it is also tested by customers, and the comments submitted are considered by technologists.

For the production of covers, we use high-quality flax fibers that come from Polish and Central European crops.

The covers feature a graphic pattern that reflects the brand's logotype and symbolizes a linen flower and our concern for the comfort of customers. 


Lenly are unique mattresses designed for customers who want to consciously take care of their health. Good sleep is not only a pleasant morning and an easier start to a new day, but also the basis for taking care of your well-being and the condition of the entire body. Our goal is to make customers aware of the importance of healthy sleep and why choosing the right mattress is so important.

In our activity, we want to focus on providing customers with products of unquestionable quality that will contribute to the improvement of their comfort and health every day.