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Natural sleeping pillows

Flat, tall, contoured? Choosing a sleeping pillow is not so obvious. A solution that will be comfortable for some, while for others it will cause a pain in the neck. We are different, so we need different pillows and that is why in Lenly's offer we have included as many as four high-quality natural pillows that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. 

How to choose a good sleeping pillow? 

A good pillow, what is it? Comfortable, soft, or maybe profiled? When looking for a model for yourself, it is worth considering several factors:

  • Filling the sleeping pillow: we have a choice of pillows with a natural filling (down, feathers), pillows with a synthetic filling (synthetic fibers), health pillows (latex foam). The latter are gaining more and more popularity in recent times due to their ability to adapt to individual body shapes. Health pillows also provide the best support for the cervical spine, preventing unpleasant pain. 
  • Pillow Height: Some people like to sleep without a pillow, others choose high and very fluffy pillows. Our experience in the industry, but also consumer tests show that relatively low profiled pillows are the best - they provide the best sleeping comfort regardless of the position of the body during rest. 
  • Sleeping position: when deciding to buy a pillow, should we pay attention to the position in which we sleep most often? Not necessarily. A good sleeping pillow should provide comfort regardless of the position of the body in a resting state. All sleeping pillows in our offer meet these requirements. 
  • Shape: regular pillow or profiled pillow? The model with a contoured shape helps to better fill the space between the head and shoulder, enabling the spine to be positioned in a straight line - profiled pillows are therefore perfect for people who sleep mainly on their side. A pillow without a profile is an excellent choice for those who like to change their position during sleep. 

Natural sleeping pillows from Lenly

  • Visco pillow: is a profiled pillow that combines the advantages of latex and thermoelastic foam. It is a type of ergonomic pillow that provides excellent support for the head and cervical spine. The VISCO foam sleeping pillow is an ideal option for people complaining of back pain. 
  • Profiled latex pillow: this ergonomic pillow is dedicated to people who like to sleep in different positions. The profiled pillow provides comfort and adequate support for the cervical spine, regardless of the body position. 
  • Memory Pillow: This sleeping pillow is made of a thermoelastic foam that reacts to heat. The pillow changes shape under the influence of temperature and pressure, adjusting to the individual shape of the body.
  • Latex pillow: The natural latex pillow ensures a comfortable position all night long. Thanks to numerous ventilation channels, the pillow allows air to pass through better and provides comfort even on the hottest days of the year.